Our Services

Castle Farm offers an array of products and services, we cater to our clients' every requirement following highest professional and ethical standards. From off-the-shelf packaged & specialty dates to private labels and dates consultancy services in the region; we provide all in the utmost transparency and convenience. CastleFarms offers:

Supply and retail of all variety and grades of Fresh Saudi dates

CastleFarms proudly provides all kinds of dates available in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We have organic variants of many Saudi dates readily available for deliveries anywhere in the world.
Dates include Madinah dates like Ajwa, Safawi (Kalmi), Anbra, Sukkari (Qaseem) in addition to other economical dates from the Kingdom.

Dates products

In addition to fresh dates, CastleFarms also has specialized dates products as per your requirements including date pastes, syrups, Choco-dates, date powder etc.

Private labels

The Choice is yours!!! Castle Farms will assist you to set up your own personalized dates' brand. We offer a multitude of services all the way from identity development to customized branded packaging.

Luxurious Customized Gift Boxes

Additionally, tailormade solutions are available to suite all budgets and target markets. We have the solution for you with our extensive range of luxurious gift collections that are fully customizable and suitable for any personal or corporate gifting occasion. We cater to your exclusive taste and provide custom-designed boxes inspired by design elements from the two Holy Mosques and other Islamic patterns crafted to excellence using premium material.


Through our extensive logistics network, we offer services to ship your orders on time locally and internationally at very reasonable prices.