Castle Farms

Castle Farms is a dates' brand with a conscience with farming history of over three generations. We have been cultivating dates in Madinah, KSA since 1970. We offer the finest dates at very competitive rates, satisfactorily serving many local and global customers.
Our farms cover an area of about 2M sq. meters of land, with plantation of over 44 thousand date palm trees in Madinah Al Munawarah. We have an annual production of 2500 MT of dates including an annual 250 MT of organic (certified) dates.

Organic Castle Farms

CastleFarms has been actively pursuing certification for organic certified dates for the past 5 years with extensive soil and water source testing.
We, at CastleFarms, use modern technology and years old wisdom in this field to produce organic dates of outstanding quality.
We believe the best way to ensure that our dates reach their full flavor and nutritious value is to use organic fertilizers and let the tree ripen the date to the fullest extent possible.
This means that all fertilizers used are natural, with no chemical additives products,to enhance the nutrients of the soil. We make sure that no chemicals or pesticides are used in the organic production.
Our organic Dates are free of genetic manipulation, hence pose no risks to the consumers and is absolutely safe for the environment.
We have a production environment that maintains soil productivity, provides nutrients to plants and controls pests by avoiding chemically manufactured fertilizers and pesticides, growth enhancers and antibiotics. The cultivation is based on the lifecycle of the plants and utilizes animal-source or green (plant-source) fertilizers, farm byproducts, wastes and pest control products.

Our Brands

We have two Brands for our packed dates:

Our Process

We pay special attention to our agricultural processes making sure that you get the best dates possible. We have a very meticulous process with which we take care of our palms and dates.
Each palm tree is provided nutrients, fertilizers, water, etc. as need and when needed at the beginning of each season. Water is controlled by our irrigation systems to avoid over watering or dehydration that would affect the quality of the dates produced.
Certain traditional practices to care for the palm and dates before cultivation are meticulously followed. Stalks of the palm trees are covered with insulation material to prevent dehydration and good conductance of water to the dates. Date bunches are covered with protective mesh during a certain time to allow the dates to have the best color and grow to the optimum volume and size, simultaneously preserving its taste and texture.
Certifications Organic Global GAP ISO NCPD FDA USA

Our Presence

“Fresh, Healthy and Full of Flavor. Quality that I can always trust for my family.”

“Absolutely the best quality of dates, healthy and clean!”

“I have been a client with Castle Farms since a long time and I have received fresh dates per the specification order upon order that keeps me and my customers happy.”