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Castle Farm
Castle Farm

Castle Farms is a dates' brand with a conscience with farming history of over three generations. We have been cultivating dates in Madinah, KSA since 1970. We offer the finest dates at very competitive rate...

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Our Brands
Our Brands

We have a production environment that maintains soil productivity, provides nutrients to plants and controls pests by avoiding chemically manufactured fertilizers and pesticides, growth enhancers and antibi...

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Delivery Network
Delivery Network

Through our extensive logistics network, we offer services to ship your orders on time locally and internationally at very reasonable prices.  Fresh dates are hand-picked from farms of Madinah and undergo a...

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We deal in best kinds


Ajwa are the king of dates and come in different sizes somewhat round shaped. They are blackish in color with few white striations. They have a sweet taste and have a succulent chewy in texture. Ajwa dates are renowned for their health and protective properties. 


Safawi from Madina are chewy and have a mildly sweet taste. They are relatively large with a dark brown color. These are known best for treating anemia and intoxication.


Sukkari dates are known as the Queen of dates. They are very sweet and moist. They are very commonly used in Arabic household with Arabic coffee.


Anbra is another fine date from Madinah. They are amongst the largest of the dates and a renowned for their size and texture. They are sweet and very high in fiber content.

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