Terms and conditions

Following are the Terms & Conditions for the usage of the Site which may be amended as required to improve our service and applicable with immediate effect from the time of posting on the Site.  


  • Site: The “Site” refers to the CastleFarms domain and website/platform. It is a platform that offers selling and purchasing services to its users.
  • User: Any person who uses CastleFarms website for browsing and its services well is referred to as an “User”.
  • Buyer: Any person who purchases any product/s from CastleFarms website will be referred to as “Buyer” or “Customer”.

Eligibility for Usage:

  • Any person who is of legal age is authorized to use the Site.
  • Users are responsible for the information they provide and all pertinent information provided by the User has to be accurate.
  • Any financial transactions on the Site have to via authorized channels and conducted by a person authorized to access those channels.

Usage of Website:


  • All information provided should be correct
  • No content deemed indecent, abusive, racist, vulgar, use profanity or derogatory etc. in any manner should be used or posted.
  • No religious or political content is allowed
  • Users should not try to harm the website in any manner including but limited to hacking or phishing activities, use of any forms of viruses or malicious ware
  • Copy and/or distribute content without knowledge of CastleFarms
  • Users are not to try to misuse, distort or manipulate the content, pricing, pricing structure billing process, etc. of the website.


All content on the Site including but not limited to text, pictures, graphics, licences, software etc. are all exclusive property and copyright of CastleFarms. 

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